Saturday, December 20, 2014

They were a pressure cooker in 2014 & I said "Goodbye" in 2015

Little did I know that I live in a strange, complicated & a political environment where everything seemed to be wonderful until I came across the mask - tongue twister - know it all - think she is young/old depending on the situations & an angel.
As days passed by I kept wondering how should I move on happily with the weirdest things ever. As a child I was always dependant on my mum & without seeking any advice from her she knew what was happening to her child. All she said was this - "Child, you have an angel in your life who would do anything for you. Be thankful to God & may you both stay happy forever." This touched me. I moved on with a heavy heart thinking why did this ever happen to me. As days passed by my heart was not much burdened the way it was because I came to the point of realization that Angel's protect us - I have an Angel in Heaven & an Angel on earth. I could not ask for more.
Eventually I also remembered that masks fall off and so did the mask fell off, tongue twister - know it all had complexity issues, young/old had more of psychological issues etc. The pressure kept building up within all these characters & kept playing the role of a pressure cooker more often. With all of these I felt like a lunatic at times, but, amidst all of these I had a beautiful life with amazing memories.
May you all have a bright 2015! Say no to all negative thought's, negative people. Yeah, relationships matter - So save those in a diplomatic way!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Everything modern, but, NOT MODERN

With the latest technology from smartphones to tablets, actual surgery which always involved a scalpel in a surgeon's hand to laser surgery - Oh! What a world I live in?
Excites many of us & depressed are a lot many than we could ever imagine!
The world has developed almost everything at an overall level, yet, all of us find something is lacking.
Is it love? Is it freedom? Is it free speech?
Actually, everything!!!
Few of us want to live in a society where we can wear what we love without being judged by anyone.
Few of us feel the need & the right to speak our mind.
Few of us want peace & peace alone!
None of us can achieve any of these! Because, I am blamed, you are blamed and all are blamed!
Let me come to the point.
There was a gentleman who was judged, ridiculed, mocked, gossiped. All he did was, he kept moving forward because he knew that he had just one life. He did not feel the need of blaming anyone because he simply wanted to live. He had to live for his family, for his parents, for the people who loved him! He did everything in his life and all of it had the touch of love. He was deaf & dumb to all the negative things that moved around! Twas definitely too hard to survive, because he was not really deaf/dumb. Well, he practiced this thought & he was even more lovable.
His facebook page passed a message of love, whatsapp statuses were only on motivation, pinterest had funny videos for people to laugh & all the social networking sites he was registered on had something interesting.
He still had people who hated him! But, nothing mattered and nothing would coz he was made of love in a modern world which is still not MODERN :-)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Curb that devil!

Each one of us wants to look beautiful/handsome & be a successful human being.
Our soul thirsts for success & all we do is only dream about it.
Most of us read success stories & are inspired.
Sometimes we take out our diary & write our goals/dreams/desires - bucket-list if I could say.

With all of these there is a little devil in all of us which does not let us achieve what we really desire for.

Find a quick-fix below to curb this evil:-

1. Exercise everyday

Exercise stimulates your brain, improves your mood & keeps you active. If you feel that you are running short of time, then you are definitely telling a lie to yourself. Think about it! Having no time is just an excuse.

2. Pray as much as possible

Praying does not mean you have to show the world you are praying. It even does not mean that you need to visit a temple/church/mosque. It simply means seeking guidance from the Almighty. He is our Creator & He creates wonders.

3. Love, forgive & move on

All of us have enemies. Now, if you say that you do not have a single one, then, you must be either joking or you may have achieved nothing in your life.
The first step to move forward in life is to forgive your enemies, pray for their conversion & move ahead. What they do should never matter to you.

4. Read a book

Reading is boring??? I know this is what you will say.
Have you ever tried reading?
All of us have our own interests. Find out your interest & google it. You will find out interesting topics on the subject that interests you. So go ahead & read. Feed your brain with knowledge.

5. Friends

Friends play an important role in our lives. If you want to improve, make friends with people who are better than you, whose acts/thoughts.actions motivate you. Exchange your thoughts with that person & learn from that person every day. Appreciate that person & make him/her feel important. That way, you are not just learning the act of appreciation, but, helping that person grow more & value himself/herself more.

6. Stay away from gossip

Everyone loves to gossip. But, there has to be a limit. You only keep passing negative vibes to each other throughout the conversation if you only gossip. One fine day you may find that friend of yours who used to spend time in gossiping has left you all alone because of the negativity in your environment. So, say goodbye to gossip.
Now, please do not mix gossip with sharing your feelings. it is natural to share your feelings of hurt/anger with your friend. But, do not keep nagging about the same, every time you strike a conversation. Share it, feel relieved & then give it an end.

7. Hobbies

Each one of us has that one unique thing which we love to do. So, work on your hobby because that will keep you happy & cheerful.

8. Music

There is no one in this world who hates music. Every person has his/her own choice of music. Listen to it every single day & dance to the tunes.

9. Love

Forget the people who hate you. You have more number of people who love you for the kind of person you are. So try & give them your time. A hi, hello or a positive quote every week or a month will make your loved one's feel important & in return you will be happy.

10. Create a positive impact

We all meet a lot of people in our day to day activity. Share your radiant smile at every opportunity - (well, i mean, when you have the opportunity!), give your helping hand to someone who is in need, walk with pride & humility & let the world see your positive nature. Inspire people & know your worth.

11. Family & time

Family comes first & we all know that time is precious. Do not waste even a second. Every second you spend has to be in doing something productive. Spend time with your family & always strive to keep them happy. They are the one's who will be your strong support  & indirectly help you achieve what you wish for.

12. Dress up & be stylish

You ought to dress up well to feel beautiful. Dressing up does not always mean wearing too much of make up/accessories. Dressing up is being stylish in whatever you are wearing & walking with dignity. Always be neat & presentable whenever you step out of your house.
If anyone wants to dress up & look stunning inside the house you are free to!

13. Do not please people

If you feel the need of pleasing someone to keep the relationship active, it means that something is seriously wrong & negative. Cut the relation immediately. There is no need to waste time on people who do not know your worth. Hence, respect yourself because you have a lot to do in your life. We need to respect ourselves first in order to gain respect.

13. Focus

With all of the above, each one of us reading this has one goal - one dream. So focus. Do not just dream. Do not just write your goals. Start working on it right now.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Follow these steps & you are never really bored!

You are just 5 steps away from the land of excitement!!!

1. Wikipedia
Think about a topic that you are keen to know more on it. Open your laptop/tablet/smartphone and check it on wikipedia :-)

2. Plan your vacation
You may have planned your vacation either to your favorite destination or to your home country. Right? So, sit down, take a pen & a paper. Write down the items that you need to shop for your trip. That is interesting umm ;)

3. Be creative
Download a software & create your own thoughts!

4. Diary
Diaries are precious. You know why?
Because you make note of all the important stuff.
So, write down the plans you have in the near future & start following it from this very moment.

5. Change
Talk about change. The time you want to see a change in others is the time you need to change yourself. So hurry up ladies & gentlemen! Let us work on it.

Monday, July 28, 2014

10 facts of a calm & intelligent person

1. They speak whenever required.
If a situation requires him/her to speak out they will definitely not give up. But, they will do so in a diplomatic way. This also happens very rarely because they know their worth.

2. They believe in the statement - "Barking dogs seldom bite".
This statement definitely keeps them going.

3. Indulge in their hobbies.
They get involved with their hobbies. They forget the world specially when they are faced with unwanted criticism which is of no use.

4. Friend's & family are important.
They keep their family close no matter what goes through because they know that at the end it is the close family who will be by their side.
They also know to choose their friend's wisely.

5. Work is worship.
They are extremely sincere when it comes to their work. Is is because they know that it is work which provides them shelter & food.

6. Read a lot.
Knowing that they are not perfect they read books on self help, confidence, tackling issues etc.. & they apply those rules in their real life.

7. Music & Exercise.
They have their favorite music ready!
Exercise is what makes them more confident. They feel good & confident

8. Discipline
Their lives are so well disciplined. They know their limits may it be when involved with fun etc...

9. Respect
They give respect & earn that same respect.

10. Helpful
They have a helping nature without expecting anything in return.

If we are privileged to have these people in our life, let us learn to respect them & learn from them :-)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fun at work for real!

Research it is! More interviews, more of talking, dealing with people - Do you even think i can waste my time - Nope! But, it's fun. Actually speaking, I have no time to think anything else other than my job.
So now, its not the job that sucks, but, thinking anything apart from my job does!
You see the exclamatory marks almost after every sentence? So you know now how excited I am?
It is totally filled with super fun.
A young girl said that I am addicted - Well, I really gotta see for how long will this continue?
And one more thing - I am not addicted. But, i love what i am doing right now.
I love myself even more now :-)
My dad had taught me to fight i.e. to fight for myself and win. Today I won and i am extremely glad :)
Sometimes its so difficult to stay strong, but yeah finally i did it.
I have 2 other precious jewels in my life i.e. my mommy & my hubby who are proud of me! Not that they were not earlier.
I always thought that life is complicated. It's actually not peeps :-) OMG it just goes on smooth if we use our smartness, keep our calm and move on. He just does the rest.
There is a friend of mine who keeps saying - KEEP WALKING!! Well Roggy, guess I am doing it right.
For now, stay tuned. More to come :-)

Monday, May 12, 2014

Dreams and Reality!

What a beautiful day it was!
Twas a Sunday eve, soft cool breeze flowing through the air and a bunch of thoughts I was consorted with. It was a day when I realized that how great people set their goals, accomplish their dreams and be successful. Success is never easy, its hard to earn but its worth it. Its a ladder that cannot be climbed with my hands in my pocket.
As a child I loved to read a lot about people who exalted me and are my role models. Life taught me plenty of things – positive thinking, ways to achieve my dreams and tackle an opportunity that is given to me. But the only hassle I had was, I always lost hope easily if I ever had a person who envied me. “Struggling in life is not my cup of tea” was my opinion. I amended my thoughts and nature as years passed by.  I understood that dreams can be changed into realities only through struggle, pain, humbleness,  an hunger for achievement and most importantly a carefree attitude.
I move forward along with the green eyed monster, be friends with them, learn from them and discipline myself to be a strong headed individual where nothing can shake me. These things have helped me so far to move forward by facing criticism meekly. I consider myself to be a lucky lady to have all kinds of people around me because they have shown me a way to live, enjoy life and  transform my dreams into real!

The Joy of my life

When I think of you, I long to see your sweet face
You make me feel I m on a airspace
I love you more everyday
My heart pounds for you night and day
The look in your eyes tells me that you love me
I thank Heaven everyday for the joy that He gave me
So many times our paths had come so close, yet never crossed
But when they finally did, I was glad that i belong to u forever
Our love is strong and nothing can take us apart
Blessings on us will always be showered
I belong to you now and forever
And with the love between us we’ll be together for eternity.
Like a star you have brightened up my life, filled my heart with joy
And my heart overflows with feelings of love every time I think of you
Been waiting for the day to sit down besides you and feel your love
This feeling is compromised by having a glance at your pictures every moment
I dream of you every single minute and you are the owner of this heart of mine
Its coz your mine, nobody else’s and i like it this way that we have made it at last!
You are my saving grace the one who saves my heart and soul, my flawless one
Tears I’ve once shed you’ve wiped them away &I love you forever my Joy of my life.