Monday, May 12, 2014

Dreams and Reality!

What a beautiful day it was!
Twas a Sunday eve, soft cool breeze flowing through the air and a bunch of thoughts I was consorted with. It was a day when I realized that how great people set their goals, accomplish their dreams and be successful. Success is never easy, its hard to earn but its worth it. Its a ladder that cannot be climbed with my hands in my pocket.
As a child I loved to read a lot about people who exalted me and are my role models. Life taught me plenty of things – positive thinking, ways to achieve my dreams and tackle an opportunity that is given to me. But the only hassle I had was, I always lost hope easily if I ever had a person who envied me. “Struggling in life is not my cup of tea” was my opinion. I amended my thoughts and nature as years passed by.  I understood that dreams can be changed into realities only through struggle, pain, humbleness,  an hunger for achievement and most importantly a carefree attitude.
I move forward along with the green eyed monster, be friends with them, learn from them and discipline myself to be a strong headed individual where nothing can shake me. These things have helped me so far to move forward by facing criticism meekly. I consider myself to be a lucky lady to have all kinds of people around me because they have shown me a way to live, enjoy life and  transform my dreams into real!

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