Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fun at work for real!

Research it is! More interviews, more of talking, dealing with people - Do you even think i can waste my time - Nope! But, it's fun. Actually speaking, I have no time to think anything else other than my job.
So now, its not the job that sucks, but, thinking anything apart from my job does!
You see the exclamatory marks almost after every sentence? So you know now how excited I am?
It is totally filled with super fun.
A young girl said that I am addicted - Well, I really gotta see for how long will this continue?
And one more thing - I am not addicted. But, i love what i am doing right now.
I love myself even more now :-)
My dad had taught me to fight i.e. to fight for myself and win. Today I won and i am extremely glad :)
Sometimes its so difficult to stay strong, but yeah finally i did it.
I have 2 other precious jewels in my life i.e. my mommy & my hubby who are proud of me! Not that they were not earlier.
I always thought that life is complicated. It's actually not peeps :-) OMG it just goes on smooth if we use our smartness, keep our calm and move on. He just does the rest.
There is a friend of mine who keeps saying - KEEP WALKING!! Well Roggy, guess I am doing it right.
For now, stay tuned. More to come :-)

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