Monday, July 28, 2014

10 facts of a calm & intelligent person

1. They speak whenever required.
If a situation requires him/her to speak out they will definitely not give up. But, they will do so in a diplomatic way. This also happens very rarely because they know their worth.

2. They believe in the statement - "Barking dogs seldom bite".
This statement definitely keeps them going.

3. Indulge in their hobbies.
They get involved with their hobbies. They forget the world specially when they are faced with unwanted criticism which is of no use.

4. Friend's & family are important.
They keep their family close no matter what goes through because they know that at the end it is the close family who will be by their side.
They also know to choose their friend's wisely.

5. Work is worship.
They are extremely sincere when it comes to their work. Is is because they know that it is work which provides them shelter & food.

6. Read a lot.
Knowing that they are not perfect they read books on self help, confidence, tackling issues etc.. & they apply those rules in their real life.

7. Music & Exercise.
They have their favorite music ready!
Exercise is what makes them more confident. They feel good & confident

8. Discipline
Their lives are so well disciplined. They know their limits may it be when involved with fun etc...

9. Respect
They give respect & earn that same respect.

10. Helpful
They have a helping nature without expecting anything in return.

If we are privileged to have these people in our life, let us learn to respect them & learn from them :-)

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