Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Everything modern, but, NOT MODERN

With the latest technology from smartphones to tablets, actual surgery which always involved a scalpel in a surgeon's hand to laser surgery - Oh! What a world I live in?
Excites many of us & depressed are a lot many than we could ever imagine!
The world has developed almost everything at an overall level, yet, all of us find something is lacking.
Is it love? Is it freedom? Is it free speech?
Actually, everything!!!
Few of us want to live in a society where we can wear what we love without being judged by anyone.
Few of us feel the need & the right to speak our mind.
Few of us want peace & peace alone!
None of us can achieve any of these! Because, I am blamed, you are blamed and all are blamed!
Let me come to the point.
There was a gentleman who was judged, ridiculed, mocked, gossiped. All he did was, he kept moving forward because he knew that he had just one life. He did not feel the need of blaming anyone because he simply wanted to live. He had to live for his family, for his parents, for the people who loved him! He did everything in his life and all of it had the touch of love. He was deaf & dumb to all the negative things that moved around! Twas definitely too hard to survive, because he was not really deaf/dumb. Well, he practiced this thought & he was even more lovable.
His facebook page passed a message of love, whatsapp statuses were only on motivation, pinterest had funny videos for people to laugh & all the social networking sites he was registered on had something interesting.
He still had people who hated him! But, nothing mattered and nothing would coz he was made of love in a modern world which is still not MODERN :-)

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