Saturday, December 20, 2014

They were a pressure cooker in 2014 & I said "Goodbye" in 2015

Little did I know that I live in a strange, complicated & a political environment where everything seemed to be wonderful until I came across the mask - tongue twister - know it all - think she is young/old depending on the situations & an angel.
As days passed by I kept wondering how should I move on happily with the weirdest things ever. As a child I was always dependant on my mum & without seeking any advice from her she knew what was happening to her child. All she said was this - "Child, you have an angel in your life who would do anything for you. Be thankful to God & may you both stay happy forever." This touched me. I moved on with a heavy heart thinking why did this ever happen to me. As days passed by my heart was not much burdened the way it was because I came to the point of realization that Angel's protect us - I have an Angel in Heaven & an Angel on earth. I could not ask for more.
Eventually I also remembered that masks fall off and so did the mask fell off, tongue twister - know it all had complexity issues, young/old had more of psychological issues etc. The pressure kept building up within all these characters & kept playing the role of a pressure cooker more often. With all of these I felt like a lunatic at times, but, amidst all of these I had a beautiful life with amazing memories.
May you all have a bright 2015! Say no to all negative thought's, negative people. Yeah, relationships matter - So save those in a diplomatic way!

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