Saturday, October 3, 2015

Social media and its quirks!

None of us can possibly count the number of times we have thought of either deleting our Facebook account/ twitter/ Pinterest/ Whatsapp! Well, I have thought about it many times & there are numerous reasons for it. You know it well - who does not have reasons when it is to run away from something that disturbs us! For me, at one point, it was a thorough nuisance drama, competition going on amidst each & everyone with nothing to win but everything out there to lose, negativity flowing in and out, totally a point of distraction & distortion, never ending debates etc... This would go on and there would be one thing that would stop me from deleting my social media account's - i.e. my family, well wishers, relatives - As I have a bunch of relatives all over the world, this would be the only medium where I can stay in touch.

Days passed by and I had to go through my friend list & delete people whom I felt I could not relate to them & vice versa. There were a few whom I could think of deleting them for various reasons & I decided to move them to the restricted list - some things can never be explained & I feel that you can guess it right!

I have now reached a point where nothing disturbs me. The sole reason is because I realised that the social media was only the reason that I wanted to give. But, the actual reason was something else. When one decides that no one & nothing can harm your peace of mind, that is when we attain ultimate happiness.

With all these, I have found that I am able to gather so much of information that interests me, knowledge that can be gained, talented people, life changing quotes & there is much more positive that I can ever think of. 

If you have the same feeling of deleting your account, follow these steps:-

1. Know your type - delete the one's you feel who do not match your level.
2. Share your thoughts with people who are sincere.
3. Appreciate others talents & learn from them.
4. Read something positive. There are plenty of articles that can move your world.
5. The critical point lies with the people whom you actually cannot delete - You can just follow this simple step - Unfollow the one's who do not serve any purpose.
                   - There is a restricted list. Feel free to move them there.

I hope this really helps each and everyone who reads. 

Let us stay happy and positive. Cheers.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Walking alone

We saw him walk alone,
And we thought that he was lonely.
People spoke to him in a sober way possible,
He said that we were walking alone with the crowd
I was astonished when he said so!
He had his own story - Each one of us walks alone,
You walk the lonely path. But, I, tread on the path of happiness.
He says that he walks along with memories of any kind transformed into something more stunning
He dreams of the valleys and oceans, flowers and trees, animals and plants.
Of all, he finds the human mankind impressive because it is supposedly to be more human of all!
His dreams are shattered when he gets to hear about terror and violence,
Again, he decides to walk with the crowd, yet alone, to make a difference.
Difference in the mind of every human...
He says that this earth is still beautiful and people are flawless
How much do we know about our fellow beings?
While hating someone has been easy, loving someone has become much more easier for him.
He lives in an imaginary land of freedom
Confident enough that he would one day create harmony among every living thing
Love & peace to follow in every corner of this earth