Saturday, August 15, 2015

Walking alone

We saw him walk alone,
And we thought that he was lonely.
People spoke to him in a sober way possible,
He said that we were walking alone with the crowd
I was astonished when he said so!
He had his own story - Each one of us walks alone,
You walk the lonely path. But, I, tread on the path of happiness.
He says that he walks along with memories of any kind transformed into something more stunning
He dreams of the valleys and oceans, flowers and trees, animals and plants.
Of all, he finds the human mankind impressive because it is supposedly to be more human of all!
His dreams are shattered when he gets to hear about terror and violence,
Again, he decides to walk with the crowd, yet alone, to make a difference.
Difference in the mind of every human...
He says that this earth is still beautiful and people are flawless
How much do we know about our fellow beings?
While hating someone has been easy, loving someone has become much more easier for him.
He lives in an imaginary land of freedom
Confident enough that he would one day create harmony among every living thing
Love & peace to follow in every corner of this earth

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