Saturday, October 3, 2015

Social media and its quirks!

None of us can possibly count the number of times we have thought of either deleting our Facebook account/ twitter/ Pinterest/ Whatsapp! Well, I have thought about it many times & there are numerous reasons for it. You know it well - who does not have reasons when it is to run away from something that disturbs us! For me, at one point, it was a thorough nuisance drama, competition going on amidst each & everyone with nothing to win but everything out there to lose, negativity flowing in and out, totally a point of distraction & distortion, never ending debates etc... This would go on and there would be one thing that would stop me from deleting my social media account's - i.e. my family, well wishers, relatives - As I have a bunch of relatives all over the world, this would be the only medium where I can stay in touch.

Days passed by and I had to go through my friend list & delete people whom I felt I could not relate to them & vice versa. There were a few whom I could think of deleting them for various reasons & I decided to move them to the restricted list - some things can never be explained & I feel that you can guess it right!

I have now reached a point where nothing disturbs me. The sole reason is because I realised that the social media was only the reason that I wanted to give. But, the actual reason was something else. When one decides that no one & nothing can harm your peace of mind, that is when we attain ultimate happiness.

With all these, I have found that I am able to gather so much of information that interests me, knowledge that can be gained, talented people, life changing quotes & there is much more positive that I can ever think of. 

If you have the same feeling of deleting your account, follow these steps:-

1. Know your type - delete the one's you feel who do not match your level.
2. Share your thoughts with people who are sincere.
3. Appreciate others talents & learn from them.
4. Read something positive. There are plenty of articles that can move your world.
5. The critical point lies with the people whom you actually cannot delete - You can just follow this simple step - Unfollow the one's who do not serve any purpose.
                   - There is a restricted list. Feel free to move them there.

I hope this really helps each and everyone who reads. 

Let us stay happy and positive. Cheers.

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