Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Life and its achievers

He craved for peace, in the midst of a wave,
For they believed that life was a game and a basket full of hope.
The sweet soul did not know what it is to be brave,
And little did they know that it was possible to cope.
The world wished that they give up and falter,
Life then stumbled and it was never  fair,
Kneeling down they offered themselves at the altar,
When they never had an answer, life itself was a prayer.
Though nothing was perfect, they would never question,
Realising, they had to fall in order to rise.
Their mind believed that they were a part of this audition,
Though it took years but the test did make them wise.
To be filthy rich was not their dream,
But a heart filled with love & sunshine with lasting happiness
For richness has never ever made anyone supreme
Because, humility had the utmost power to keep up their liveliness.

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