Wednesday, July 27, 2016

My Dear Son

Come on, my child, do not fear,
For you have your father always near.
He gave me the strength to hold on to the worse,
I am here with you, so never shall we curse.
Yes, we have lost a wonderful treasure,
Never should we cry, for life’s meaning cannot be measured.
We are gifted with a chance to live once again,
I will walk with you, to see you smile and bear all your pain.
Though the world is cruel, I pray it helps you see its beauty,
To smile at those stranger’s and make their day groovy,
As you grow, you will know that people are a mystery,
But your father and I would always want you to create history.
Let guns and drugs be afar,
Your life is precious and dad’s only star.
Listen to all, but never compromise,
None, but you, is bound to win your prize.
Conquer your fear and achieve that dream,
We all live and create our own theme.

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