Monday, August 29, 2016

He found his sunshine

Only he could feel and see her charm,
And this was meant to last for a lifetime.
Every time he saw her,
His heart kept pounding out of his chest.
Oceans did dry up,
But this time, love never did fail.
Broken pieces lived cheek by jowl,
Creating music to build a perfect consonance,
Life itself was like a windfall to him,
A love song even if the world stopped spinning.

Doodle - His Sunshine

Monday, August 22, 2016

Life's Lesson doodle # 4 - Take Chances

These days we find it a lot easier to accept defeat, fling our strong aspirations. We are jittery to take chances, because, we fear failure! Sadly, fear of failure is one of those, caused by our very own society/family/peers.

We question ourselves - "What will they think of me if I fail?"

You know what? Let us ask this question instead! - "Does it even matter what they think about me? I do what I want to do and I do it for my own delight and not for anyone's approval/criticism. If I lose it all, they will certainly talk and if I win there are still chances that people will talk negative. So why should I drain my energy and not take any chances in life?"

Here is a simple mechanism, when you want to do something with all your heart and you feel that opportunity has not yet knocked the door, but you decide to take a chance.
  • Think only about yourself.
  • Work with a lot of gusto.
  • Take chances and stop thinking about the world.
  • Always be proud of your past failure's (because failure gives you courage and wisdom).
  • Flaunt your achievement's (even if it is a simple one or just an achievement. It simply does not matter)      

#Doodle-Take Chances

There are awful days where we have to create our own sunshine, look for opportunities or create one if there is none and ADMIT the fact that each one of us is out there in this world to make good! Confidence is trying our best out of the meagre resources that we have, living your dream by facing any obstacle and never bow out.

Live, take chances, laugh at yourself, explore and possess the tenacious endurance.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Life's Lesson # 3 - Carry happiness in your heart

In a busy and a nerve-racking environment, we forget to be joyous and enjoy our life light-heartedly. Thankful to those cameras, selfie sticks and social media which overpower us in a way that makes us smile when we are clicked!

How often do we compare ourselves, draw an analogy knowing that each one of us is a distinctive personality and forget to whoop it up?

Our present will soon be a memory, so, let us not rue it and live in a way that we treasure those memories deeply.

While we do this, let us also remember to help the one's who breathe but are dead within and cannot come out of their state of desolation.

As we say,
"Happiness lies in our own hands"
We must hold ourselves highly responsible to see to it that the people around us are happy, because,
"Real happiness also lies in making others happy"

Doodle - Happiness

Monday, August 15, 2016

The Two Rhea's - blogger and doodler

Both share the same name with a different surname of course!

One, who I had promised, almost 2 years ago, that I would be obliged to say something about her on my blog, while I had promised the other few days back and who has indirectly urged me to write this. There is a correlation that they share the same name (I guess)!

In our lifetime, we have all experienced people who embolden and exhort us to achieve either, their dreams or of our own. But there are very few who are a motivating factor, a driving force to us in their own simple little ways, by showing what they do and how they do it. This is the real story of these 2 young girls who indirectly brought something out of mothballs.

To make it less confusing to the reader’s, I would address them as R.S and R.D.

R.S. is pretty quirky, ingenious with her writing skills and my heart skips a beat when I read stuff on her blog. Her brain somehow works out of the box and I have personally felt that she has a higher cognitive process which gives it a spark. Well, she is a super talented young girl, and, so far her writing has been awe-inspiring and melodramatic, which has motivated me to write. I had a blog of my own in the year 2007! That was the first one created (followed by 3 – 4 other blogs of my own), where I would write occasionally. By the time I used to decide to put up a next post, I would forget the password and lose interest in it, although, writing has been my passion since childhood. I would say inherently, people do lose interest with their own passions and there comes along someone who has enough competence to bring back the interest that was earlier lost. So, here is a token of gratitude to my darling niece Rhea Srikantan.

To peek through her writing, please follow her blog:-

R.D. is a budding artist! I first started doodling in 2014, when I was inspired by my batch mate, Mihika, after which I do not know if I lost interest or if I was finding an excuse of not being so interested in it. After a year, on my Facebook newsfeed, popped up, exquisite & intricate doodles and were meticulous. My eyes glued to her art work because it was simply phenomenal. Every time I view those, I wonder how one has the patience! The work being definitely breathtaking and impressive, I thought of giving it a try. I gave it a search on GOOGLE – “math doodle art* and here they are which definitely tested my patience. This took hours for me to complete while my husband patiently gazing at those lines and constantly saying that it has to look neat! (by that time I had already lost it!)


R.D. has the artistic way of exhibiting her work. It has the purest form of dedication, endurance and her beautiful persona attached to it. Her work says a lot about her – her profound ideas attached to it would make people love her more for her pragmatic thinking and subtle work. This young girl has brought out a lot of positivity in me and kept me busy! I can write pages about my grandniece - Rhea D'Mello (does make me feel a bit older now), for her work has been heart-warming to me. For you to know more about this doodler, here is the link that you must follow:-

Because of 2 of my lovely niece's, I make a list of every creative idea I can think of and have a look at it whenever I’m blanking out. Thank you both!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Lost without you

I love the way you smell, just like the scent of a delicate rainfall,
Without being pretentious, you carry blessings of benevolence,
Every time I choose to lose myself and be with thee.
It is always my wish to take you along wherever I go,
But this heart breaks to the thought of people mishandling you.
Not all have experienced, the depth of your wisdom,
Hence they believe not all of it that is written on you is true.
You are precious and need to be handled with care,
So I dreamt of building a beautiful castle, with shelves, flanking towers and a curtain wall
Sooner did I realize that there was nothing that suits the beauty of paradigm personified.
Then I preferred to pack you carefully in my handbag,
For you always help me to walk with you in pride,
Though tiny, your shadow lifts my heart and fills the dark chambers with light.
Now I know, that you have it in you to kill my boredom,
So tread your knowledge and may it last forever.