Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Life's Lesson # 3 - Carry happiness in your heart

In a busy and a nerve-racking environment, we forget to be joyous and enjoy our life light-heartedly. Thankful to those cameras, selfie sticks and social media which overpower us in a way that makes us smile when we are clicked!

How often do we compare ourselves, draw an analogy knowing that each one of us is a distinctive personality and forget to whoop it up?

Our present will soon be a memory, so, let us not rue it and live in a way that we treasure those memories deeply.

While we do this, let us also remember to help the one's who breathe but are dead within and cannot come out of their state of desolation.

As we say,
"Happiness lies in our own hands"
We must hold ourselves highly responsible to see to it that the people around us are happy, because,
"Real happiness also lies in making others happy"

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