Monday, August 22, 2016

Life's Lesson doodle # 4 - Take Chances

These days we find it a lot easier to accept defeat, fling our strong aspirations. We are jittery to take chances, because, we fear failure! Sadly, fear of failure is one of those, caused by our very own society/family/peers.

We question ourselves - "What will they think of me if I fail?"

You know what? Let us ask this question instead! - "Does it even matter what they think about me? I do what I want to do and I do it for my own delight and not for anyone's approval/criticism. If I lose it all, they will certainly talk and if I win there are still chances that people will talk negative. So why should I drain my energy and not take any chances in life?"

Here is a simple mechanism, when you want to do something with all your heart and you feel that opportunity has not yet knocked the door, but you decide to take a chance.
  • Think only about yourself.
  • Work with a lot of gusto.
  • Take chances and stop thinking about the world.
  • Always be proud of your past failure's (because failure gives you courage and wisdom).
  • Flaunt your achievement's (even if it is a simple one or just an achievement. It simply does not matter)      

#Doodle-Take Chances

There are awful days where we have to create our own sunshine, look for opportunities or create one if there is none and ADMIT the fact that each one of us is out there in this world to make good! Confidence is trying our best out of the meagre resources that we have, living your dream by facing any obstacle and never bow out.

Live, take chances, laugh at yourself, explore and possess the tenacious endurance.

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