Sunday, August 14, 2016

Lost without you

I love the way you smell, just like the scent of a delicate rainfall,
Without being pretentious, you carry blessings of benevolence,
Every time I choose to lose myself and be with thee.
It is always my wish to take you along wherever I go,
But this heart breaks to the thought of people mishandling you.
Not all have experienced, the depth of your wisdom,
Hence they believe not all of it that is written on you is true.
You are precious and need to be handled with care,
So I dreamt of building a beautiful castle, with shelves, flanking towers and a curtain wall
Sooner did I realize that there was nothing that suits the beauty of paradigm personified.
Then I preferred to pack you carefully in my handbag,
For you always help me to walk with you in pride,
Though tiny, your shadow lifts my heart and fills the dark chambers with light.
Now I know, that you have it in you to kill my boredom,
So tread your knowledge and may it last forever.

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