Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Inhumane Humanity

Something peculiar did strike me where I could feel the misery of innocent people.
Most of us are gifted with our desires, except an important trait which is a must.
I walked a mile in the shoes of a learned person, feeling content, as if nothing was lost, yet been called a 'failure' in life, because of no humanity.
We are at times inconsiderate towards others. If we take time to evaluate ourselves, we would never want to be the same!

Falling in love was easy,
Getting a doctorate, a dream come true.
Finding a job was a cake walk.
Satisfying! Wasn't it?
Yet, they called me a failure.
Proud was I, but the feeling was a lie,
It took time for me to realize,
That I had failed in life.
Because of no 'humanity'.


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