Thursday, September 8, 2016

Know Your Circle

Have you ever felt sluggish/ lazy/ sleepy/ low energy level, on any day and do not know the reason behind it? Days where you want to pull up your blanket and never show your face to anyone! Do you know the theory behind this?
It is time to recall about the people who you are surrounded with, starting from family (your own & extended), relative's, friend's, neighbor’s and whoever you are in close relation with. One cannot break the ties with a certain group of people where we have no choice, especially when it is family. But we can perhaps cut down the time we spend with them (either face to face/online conversation's/phone).
Our lives somehow are hysterical, that we easily get attracted towards toxic people, without realizing the harm they cause.

We all have a friend who would love talking hours together (but what you hear from him/her would be, only ill of others).
We all have a neighbor who loves to gossip about the other neighbor’s kids (they make it even more interesting)
We all have a sis-in-law/bro-in-law who will spoil our relation with our mom-in-law/dad-in-law by saying all the worse things possible (they playing the safest game, by being sweet & kind to the in-laws while you end up miserably being in the bad books of your in-law’s)
We have a bunch of people who will stand up for all the wrong that is happening, with conviction (to show that you are at fault and make you live in guilt)
We also have that one person who keeps telling us - "Hey, they talk this and that about you" (we succumb to such small talks without knowing their motive)

Of course not to forget that colleague who will try to harm our career because they have lined up stories to make us feel unworthy & bad about the company that we are working in (The end result would be - You quit while you see even after years that colleague is enjoying the perks)
Sadly, we do reach a point where we are one among those toxic personalities.
Why? Because we gave them the freedom to control us.
When did we realize? That pragmatic friend of ours started avoiding us.
That is the time we try figuring out where we have gone wrong!

Yes, we have people who bring us down with their toxic behavior.
We get to a juncture feeling vulnerable, wanting to come out of their clutches without jeopardizing our relationship with them.
Although very intricate that it may seem, we still have a way:-
  • Close your eyes, meditate. Breathe in (think of what you want to emulate), breathe out (the poison that disturbs your mind)
  • Categorize your hobbies on a sheet of paper, stay committed every day and work on it. Have a fanatical mind.
  • Sometimes, we find that certain people cannot be shunned, but we can surely change our style of talking (When we meet these people and get into a conversation, either we smile or ignore their negative talk, by simply showing our lack of interest). Learnt the art of subtle sarcasm which can be used with these people. 
Instead of being a slave to their actions, it is now time to learn your thoughts and actions. Remember, no one, but you, have the power over YOUR MIND!
In a world, where we feel the need of peace, let us start feeling and experiencing that peace individually.
Grow strong and help other's bounce back.

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