Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Life's Lesson doodle # 5 - Stay Kind to Yourself

If we have ever given it a thought, we would discover that we are our own enemy, who are immersed in negativity and not conscious of self. We let people walk over us by taking receipt of their treacherous acts. Understandable, that when encircled in a cynical environment, most of the situations, gets us whacked. But, where is our presence of mind? Can we for once hop off the treadmill?

I have perceived that people who are kind to me are the one's who give topmost importance to themselves. They are able to judge better and know when to end the game, acknowledging that their peace is important to live happily so as to safeguard this energy and disseminate it to people who play an important role in their lives. We often go to them when in trouble or need any sort of advice, because, they have given us the feeling of dependence of never letting us go in a distressed state of mind.

Whoever gets to read this either today, tomorrow or any other day, please know that you are precious & whip-smart, tranquil & beautiful. Take the liberty to feel royal and always treat yourself well, whatever you are facing right now. You will certainly feel the difference, enduring the fact that the universe is in accordance with your positive commands.

Doodle#5 Life's Lesson - Stay Kind to Yourself

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