Saturday, October 8, 2016

A loving tribute to Rev. Fr. Walter Albuquerque

You are a solitaire diamond,
Never to be found.
But your presence will survive,
Etched in my heart.
Music - your talent,
Possessed in exuberance,
Buried deep within.
In the midst of angel's,
You certainly have a warm welcome.
A divine personality,
In Heaven now.

Dear Fr. Albuquerque,
Thank you for being the best person when you taught me. I must admit that I have never been able to find a loving teacher like you after you left to Nagaland. If I ever play some music now, it is because of your guidance. I still have your notes and every time I open it, I smile, because it remind me of the most beautiful person.

When I was 8 year's old, Fr. Albuquerque first taught me to play guitar and I was somehow amazed to see a little kid playing harmonium. I kept admiring her and Fr. came over to me and asked if I am interested to play. I of course smiled and that was an 'yes'. I would keep running around in Fatima Retreat House and he would patiently call out my name and then teach me.
He came over to my house and brought a Casio for me, which I still hold on to it, as it is precious to me.
I had made plans to meet Fr. this time. However God had greater plans for him. This is a loving tribute to the legend.

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